We Are All About Solo

We are proud to introduce theatre goers, patron, and artists, passionate about theatre.

Learning about those who create contemporary theatre, its enthusiasts and professionals, as well as the vital theatre goers.

@WeAreAllAboutSolo is a collaborative endeavour between All About Solo and Photographer Benjamin Matthews. Photographing and interviewing both Patrons and Artists, and finding out what Theatre means to them.

@WeAreEveryone Meeting, photographing and engaging with individuals, communities, societies, humanity.

We Are Everyone Project hopes to awaken a common sense of unity, whilst celebrating human diversity.

In the wake of global trends towards actions and ideas that are opposed to harmony within humanity, We Are Everyone Project seeks to act as a reminder of our collective commonality of purpose, and the strength to be found within a united human community.

Find  www.weareeveryoneproject here.

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