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The Weekend Workshop
The Studio Theatre, Theatre Row, NYC
Written and Performed by Joshua Searle-White
Directed by Dan Winston
A new-age gathering called “Intimacy and the Spirit.” A man pressured to attend because he needs to “find himself.” An exalted guru, cuddle puddles, trust falls, and a ragtag collection of attendees desperate for enlightenment. It’s everything we need for a hilarious send-up of self-help culture!
Blood and Water
NYC Fringe, Theater Under St. Marks, NYC
Written and Performed by Rachel Brill
Directed by Page Clements
“Blood and Water” is a modern day Romeo and Juliet meets the Israeli Palestinian conflict, set in NYC. It is the forbidden romance of a Jewish woman and a Palestinian man. “Blood and Water” is a story of what happens when something as simple as love gets caught in the middle of a divided world.
Anita Luna: The Diva
The Studio Theatre, Theatre Row, NYC
Written and Performed by Anita Giovannini
Directed and Co-written by Jango Edwards
The diva with super powers. Laughter and tears. Live through her transformation from a vulnerable tomboy to the greatest diva of all time. A story about inner conflict, fighting to fit in and even not to, trapped in a world of stereotypes. By choosing to be different and become her alter ego, the Divine Feminine, she saves herself. Drama, comedy, tragedy, cabaret, and clowning.
The Medium…The Music…and Me!
The Studio Theatre, Theatre Row, NYC
Written and Performed by DonnaD Lipari
In this autobiographical musical, a medium shares her personal journey, unique but also universal. Freeing her voice from what was blocking it, she embraces the gift of mediumship. Through story and song, she reveals secret spiritual truths meant to heal, uplift and enlighten. The show includes a short segment of live audience readings. 2018 United Solo Award for Best Premiere.
Step Mama Drama!
The Studio Theatre, NYC
Written and Performed by Allison Hetzel
This show explores the stressful, fun, odd and exhausting role of the stepmother. Allison shares her personal experiences and the perspectives of others, told through interviews. The journey is humorous as well as troubling, and strikes a balance between the extremes of being a stepmom. If you are a stepparent or a mature stepchild, this show is a must!
Shield Maiden
The Studio Theatre, NYC
Written and Performed by Melanie Teichroeb
Directed by Nicolle Nattrass
Funny. Sexy. Fierce. Unapologetic! Warrior and motivational speaker Ingrid reveals the untold truth about Viking shield maidens. This 10th-century TED Talk is a clarion call that empowers women to claim their inner warrior and invites men to be allies in today’s #MeToo battle for equality. Gender bias, trauma and sexual freedom are handled with irreverence, empathy and humour.
Forest Theatre, Edinburgh, UK
Written, Performed, and Directed by Francesca Bartellini
Three lives are interconnected by abuse on different levels in this intimate, haunting one-woman performance from internationally-acclaimed Italian writer, actor and director Francesca Bartellini.
Legends, Movement and Memories
Greenway Court Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Performed by Florence LaRue, Freda Payne, Juli Kim and Sheetal Gandhi
Hosted by Marla Gibbs and Florence LaRue
Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival and City of West Hollywood Arts Division present “Legends, Movement and Memories” hosted by Marla Gibbs (“The Jeffersons”) and Florence LaRue (of Grammy-winning group The 5th Dimension). Ms. LaRue will sing vocal selections. R&B legend Freda Payne will perform an excerpt from the show “Ella Fitzgerald, First Lady of Song.” Dance works by Juli Kim and Sheetal Gandhi.
Baggage at the Door
Written and Performed by Dana Aber
“Baggage at the Door” is a wry peek inside the head of a seemingly well-adjusted trauma-queen— it marks the end (she strongly hopes) of a 7-year PTSD cycle of destruction and reconstruction. With music written in collaboration with award-winning emerging composers, Baggage at the Door is an autobiographical solo show addressing the critical moment when a trauma survivor realizes she may no longer be able to simply cope.
The Paradise Factory Theater, NYC
Written and Performed by Suzanne Tufan
Directed by Lindsey Hope Pearlman
One woman reveals her journey of survival and transformation in the face of an overbearing father. It chronicles her journey to womanhood; revealing how misogyny and prejudice bled into her childhood and young adult life.
A Good Girl Doesn’t
Whitefire Theatre, Sherman Oaks, CA
Written and Performed by Abby Stokes
Directed by Gretchen Cryer
A comedy that takes you from here to paternity. The swinging 1960s lifestyle of Abby’s parents – key parties, martinis, and Manhattans – results in one burning question: Who’s her biological father? Mom’s uncertain.
Can DNA paternity testing provide answers?
Dixon Place, NYC
Written and Performed by Xandra Clark
Directed by Molly Clifford
Polylogues is a funny, interview-based solo show that explores real people’s experiences with nonmonogamy – and love in all its forms.
The Artivist
East Village Playhouse, NYC
Written by Carla Debbie Alleyne
Performed by Keyonn Sheppard
Presented by The CityKids Foundation
A compelling one-person show about the life of Bayard Rustin, one of the first Freedom Riders, an adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and openly gay black man in a society crippled with intolerance and bigotry.
Spitting In The Face Of The Devil- 3 From JMTC
01/03/2019, 01/06/2019, 01/09/2019, 01/12/2019
The Bridge Theatre @ Shetler Studios, NYC
Written and Performed by Bob Brader
Directed by Suzanne Bachner
Lighting Design by Cory Pattak
A powerful tale of personal survival and triumph that pertains to today’s focus on sexual predators, “Spitting In The Face Of The Devil” is a 7‑Time Best of Fest Award‑Winner, including “Best Show” of the London Fringe and “Best Script” and “Best Encore” at NYC’s United Solo Theatre Festival. Brader’s daring, uplifting and often comedic play has garnered acclaim at the New York International, San Francisco, Orlando International, Victoria and Montreal Fringe Festivals and in Whitefire Theatre’s Solofest 2018.
The Good Adoptee- 3 From JMTC
01/02/2019, 01/05/2019, 01/09/2019, 01/11/2019, 01/13/2019
The Bridge Theatre @ Shetler Studios, NYC
Performed by Anna Bridgforth
Written and Directed by Suzanne Bachner
Dramaturged by Bob Brader
Lighting and Sound Design by Katie Chai
“The Good Adoptee” is the riveting and outrageous true story of award‑winning playwright Suzanne Bachner’s search for her birth parents as she confronts the uncooperative and often arrogant bureaucracy that guards New York State’s sealed records. Once opening Pandora’s Box, can she integrate her dual identities and still remain “the Good Adoptee”? The show has won awards for Best Autobiographical Script and Best Actress when it premiered in NYC’s United Solo Theatre Festival and was named a Best Play by Indie Theater Now.
Smoker- 3 From JMTC
01/02/2019, 01/05/2019, 01/08/2019, 01/12/2019
The Bridge Theatre @ Shetler Studios, NYC
Written and Performed by Bob Brader
Directed by Suzanne Bachner
Lighting Design by Katie Chai
“Smoker” is Bob Brader’s acclaimed solo comedy about his 28 year love affair with smoking. As he tries to break up with his first love: “those sweet Camel lights” Bob realizes all the complex connections he has through smoking: how it helped him through a turbulent childhood, created jobs, opportunities and community, and one particular connection almost too precious to let go. Smoker won the Best Autobiographical Show Award at United Solo. The London Press declared “Smoker is Addictive Theatre fueled by Brader’s masterful storytelling and acting talent, a show that must not be missed!”
I’m Not a Comedian…I’m Lenny Bruce
Theatre 68, NYC
Performed by Ronnie Marmo. Directed by Joe Mantegna
Upon its Los Angeles opening, Ronnie Marmo and “I’m Not A Comedian…I’m Lenny Bruce” received rave reviews from critics and celebrities alike. The Los Angeles Times labeled it a “Critic’s Choice!” Steve Sunshine, from Extra‑TV called the show “Funny and touching.” Billy Crystal concurred, adding, “Beautifully directed by Joe Mantegna with a strong performance by Ronnie Marmo, this funny, fierce and tragic work vividly brings to life the comedian we so miss today.”
The Bench Play: A Homeless Love Story
Hudson Guild Theatre, Los Angeles
Written and Performed by Robert Galinsky
Presented by Chris Noth and Barry “Shabaka” Henley
Produced by Terry Schnuck
Directed by Jay O. Sanders
Mined from true stories of people in the NYC neighborhood where he lived, writer/activist Robert Galinsky presents a unique solo show with perspective of life on the streets through homeless characters whose lives become forever entwined. With brutal honesty and humor, he makes it clear that many of us are just one mistake away from joining this underserved and growing population. The play is set in the late 1980’s in NYC amidst the AIDS and crack hysteria.
American Tranquility
11/02/2018, 11/03/2018, 11/09/18, 11/10/18, 11/16/18, 11/17/18
East Village Playhouse
Performed by Daniel Damiano
Award-winning Playwright/Actor Daniel Damiano returns in his acclaimed and ultra‑timely multi‑character solo play, focusing on 4 very different American who reflect on the human divide in 21st Century America.
Natural Shocks
WP Theater, NYC
Performed by Pascale Arman. Directed by May Adrales.
In Natural Shocks, a woman is trapped in her basement as a tornado approaches. There, she spills over into confession, regret, long‑held secrets, and giddy new love. But as the storm approaches, she becomes less and less sure where safety lies and how best to defy the danger that awaits.
Be A Better Dog
United Solo, NYC
Directed and Performed by Seiphemo Motswiri
This show tells the tale of a dog’s life, and shows our world through the eyes of a dog. Humor and light commentary address sensitive issues of care and abandonment that arise when a human being attempts to tackle life’s challenges.
Good Standing
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Austin Archer
A gay Mormon faces excommunication in a “court of love” a week after of marrying the man of his dreams. A solo play about faith, hope and catharsis.
Deborah Kerr: After Eternity
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Caitlin Simpson
August 5th, 1953: The loveliest and most ladylike of Hollywood’s leading ladies, Deborah Kerr, is preparing for the premiere of her hit film, From Here to Eternity.
The Medium…The Music…And ME!
9/28/2018 (sold out), 9/29/2018 (sold out), 10/20/2018 (sold out), 10/28/2018 (sold out), 11/17/2018
United Solo, NYC
Performed by DonnaD Lipari
In DonnaD Lipari’s autobiographical musical, you look through the eyes of a medium as she shares her personal journey which is unique, but also universal. Facing the trials that blocked her voice allowed her to free it and embrace the gift of mediumship. Through story and song she reveals secret spiritual truths meant to heal, uplift, and enlighten all present.
The Vagina Odyssey
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Sarah J. Kennedy
A vulnerable, provocative, and hilarious look at having a vagina in a world that shames all things vagina. From the confusion of puberty, to sexual liberation. Along the way, Sarah encounters a 400‑pound Goddess, a gang of feral pussy cats, and Queen V – an enlightened vagina with a message for all of humanity, who also loves telling jokes.
Eulalia: A Bedtime Story
10/12/2018 – 10/22/2018
New York International Fringe Festival, NYC
FringeHUB at 685 Washington Street in the West Village
Performed by Sarah Cuneo
What if moving forward meant losing what you love? Using toys, humor, and fairytale tropes, Eulalia: A Bedtime Story tells the tragic, true story of a Spanish princess’ struggle for freedom. Life isn’t a fairytale, and sometimes the princess has to save herself.
I Hear You and Rejoice
09/12/2018 – 10/21/2018
Irish Arts Center, NYC
Performed by Mikel Murfi
The “astonishing” Mikel Murfi (New York Times) brings to life the characters of a bustling Irish town through the story of its two most disparate residents: the bashful, solitary cobbler Pat Farnon, and the indomitable football manager and woman-about-town, Kitsy Rainey.
Inconceivable: The Totally True One‑Woman Semi‑Fertile Quasi‑”Musical”
10/21/2018 (sold out), 10/24/2018
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Meirav Zur
A hilarious and honest look at the taboo of infertility. Experienced and written by the performing actress, everything seen in this comedic solo production is amazingly and amusingly true.
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Marco Michel
Once regarded as the village idiot, the Swiss‑Italian painter Antonio Ligabue later became famous as the “Italian van Gogh.” Marco Michel embodies Ligabue with stunning intensity and draws large charcoal portraits, which become his co‑players on stage.
One Good Egg: It Will Crack You Up and Crack You Open
10/19/2018 (SOLD OUT), 10/20/2018
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Elaine Gale
What do eggs, Wendy’s baked potatoes, kale, Mr. T., Crush the turtle, Uma Thurman, infertility, ayahuasca, and frozen dog testicles have in common? Come to “ONE GOOD EGG,” a story of one woman’s resilience through the absurdities of loss and the twists and turns of life, and find out! “ONE GOOD EGG” is a quirky, powerful, poignant, and inspiring scavenger hunt to find home, love, family, and meaning. It will crack you up and crack you open!
Breaking Rules, Broken Hearts: Loving across Borders
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Ada Cheng
This show tackles gender, culture, and feminism. I explore how one learns about womanhood, love, and abuse in different sociopolitical and cultural contexts through intense personal stories. This solo weaves tales of breaking rules and broken hearts across borders, relevant to current debates about gender equality and women’s status nationally and globally.
First By Faith: The Life Of Mary McLeod Bethune
10/07/2018 (SOLD OUT), 10/13/2018
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Richarda Adams
Workshopped at NYC’s Actors Studio, this show explores Mary McLeod Bethune’s personal journey from an uneducated child to a world‑renowned educator, humanitarian, civil rights activist, stateswoman and philanthropist.
Warrior Without A Cause
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Anthoula Katsimatides
A tenacious seeker looks far and wide for her calling in order to overcome the major core of her adult life: loss. But her overbearing Greek parents, her determination for greatness, and an unrequited love all get in the way. Will she find what she’s looking for or will life keep being a jerk?
Ageless Wonders: A Grown Up Kids Guide to Growing Newer
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Mindy Fradkin
Mindy is fascinating. All she has to do is get up and talk. She muses on entering this new “senior club” and enlightens us on its benefits (and discounts!). Fradkin gives a fresh perspective on aging and how we truly are “ageless wonders.” She speaks directly to her audience, takes you into her world, and you gladly go.
Sakina’s Restaurant
10/05/2018 – 11/04/2018
Minetta Lane Theatre
Performed by Aasif Mandvi
“Sakina’s Restaurant” is written and performed by Aasif Mandvi, who brings his acclaimed performance back to the New York stage 20 years after its Obie Award‑winning debut.
The Terrible Legend of Victoria Woodhull
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Ashley Ford
Many terrible tales have been told about Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for President of the USA in 1872. A well‑meaning actress, in a misguided attempt at method acting, will summon the spirit of Victoria in a seance, in the light of today’s #metoo movement, to tell her tale from beyond the grave and set the record straight.
The 30 Year Old Virgin
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Kevin James Doyle
Raised a devout Christian, Kevin knew sex was meant for marriage only. When his engagement to a girl from church fell apart, he thought he’d missed the train for sex…until this 30‑year‑old virgin took a ride of heartbreak, horniness and climactic hilarity.
The Animal Monologues
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Amy Raasch
Humans are animals. Animals are sluts. Especially when they’re in love. Cats, coyotes, bears, and birds come to life and speak for themselves via monologue, media installation, and live electro‑orchestral soundscapes.
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Jake Austin Robertson
A reading of a Russian short story gradually transforms into a living exploration of a mind rebelling against reality. Exciting and terrifying, this queer actor’s journey into insanity blurs the line between performer and madman.
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Jonathan Suber
LOVEABLE ASSHOLE, comedic journey about one asshole trying to find his way out of ‘Assholism’ (yes, that really is a thing). Jonathan discovers that social media is a bad way to find a good relationship; at least that’s what his therapist said.
HOUN’ DAWG: Life and Times of Big Mama Thornton
United Solo, NYC
Performed by Azusa SHESHE Dance
Step back in time with vocal powerhouse Big Mama Thornton, the blues singer, songwriter and entertainer known for her top Billboard hits. This musical comedy shows her experience with racial and sexual tensions in the music industry. Join us on her fearless journey of musical strife and success. What you know as HIStory is truly HERstory.
IRT Theater, NYC
Performed by Ellenor Riley-Condit
Adapted from the intensely personal book of prose poetry by critically acclaimed writer Maggie Nelson, Bluets takes an intimate, philosophical look at grief, loss, desire, healing, and, of course- the color blue.

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