Welcome to the home for solo performance!
Here at All About Solo, our mission is inclusive, pluralistic and real.
We empower artists. We believe that each solo performance—like each person—has a story that deserves to be heard. Each voice is legitimate, and should be expressed by its author on their own terms. We are not gatekeepers who disqualify shows. We support and celebrate them. Standing alone on stage takes courage. Our news, previews, and interviews are here to promote solo performance. And of course, the reviews, as well – even those that inspire further development in the life of your piece. We are with you, all the way, and all about solo.
We empower audiences. Solo performance can ignite our sensitivity and imagination. It lets us meet another person attentively and meaningfully. We want to tell you about the next show that will move and inspire you, and change your life. See these shows for yourself, form your thoughts and opinions, and feel the intimacy of solo performance.
Based in New York City, All About Solo reaches across the world. Whether you are an artist, a critic, a fan or all of the above, if you come to us in good faith, with an open mind and a loving heart, then: You are welcome. Wherever you are, join our community and become empowered.
All About Solo is all about you. And it is all about us.

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