all about SOLO Critics’ Choice

Performed by Terri Weagant
Written by Elizabeth Heffron
Produced and co-Directed by Summer Dawn Wallace
co-Directed by Kirstin Franklin
You could say that life gets a little weird for precocious 13-year-old Bo-Nita when she finds her ex-stepfather dead on her bedroom floor. With humor, pathos and a dash of Midwestern magical realism, this wild one-woman, seven-character adventure follows a mother and daughter’s elaborate plan to hold their dysfunctional family together.
The Things They Carried
Written and Performed by Jim Stowell
Tim O’Brien’s great book remains a lyrical testimony to what war was like, day to day, for the soldiers who fought in it. It is a classic that captures a time and place in a voice that is truthful, beautiful and courageous. In Jim Stowell’s dramatization, it’s all there – memory, imagination, loss, love, and the power of storytelling.
With Warmest Regards
Written and performed by Lori Brown Mirabal
Directed by Ruthanna Graves McQueen
This heartwarming musical toast to my life in show business recalls my gospel and soul singing roots in Nashville, from the encouragement of entertainment luminaries to becoming an international opera singer. My performance includes songs by Duke Ellington, Harold Arlen, George Gershwin and Georges Bizet, and is accompanied by notable cabaret pianist Jimmy Horan.
Chemo Barbie
Written and Performed by Heather Keller
Directed and Developed by Jennifer Lynn Johnson
Heather’s world was rocked by a breast cancer diagnosis. A true heartbreaking and comedic journey of growth filled with love, friendship, and betrayal. This powerful, gritty, and uplifting journey shows a young woman conquering cancer while living life as normally as possible. Based on Heather’s contemporaneous journals, blogs, social media posts, and correspondence about mortality, body image, relationships, fertility, and mental health.
March Alien
Written and Performed by Cillian Hegarty
In the pursuit of love, a young actor named Git must leave Ireland and become an alien in a faraway land… the U.S.A. When trouble beckons him home, he must restore a long-lost power from his childhood to battle the dark forces of immigration that stand in his way.
Eden, transplanted
Performed and Directed by Eva Petric
Choreographed by Janis Brenner
Eden did not begin or end with Eva. Eva, a part of every human, searches for a new home for mankind after a future on Earth becomes no longer possible. Through video projection within a lace installation, this performance reframes Eva as the first human organ transplantation and exports the idea of Mitochondrial Eva into outer space. 2017 United Solo Awards for Best Performance Art and Best Choreography.
Written and Performed by Jeannette Rizzi
This one-woman show is about friendship, loss, and a talking dog! It is a product of Jeannette’s commitment to live, as well as her pledge to help others who battle their own raison d’être. She goes where most people are reluctant to go – into the lives of those we’ve lost to suicide, and of those who are left behind.
In Order to Sleep Peacefully
An Adaptation of “Lorenzaccio” by Alfred de Musset
adapted by Roxane Revon and Patric Madden
Performed by Patric Madden
Directed by Roxane Revon
A tyrant rules over the city of Florence. A nobleman finds lifeblood in the idea of assassination. In the journey from ideation to action, the killer loses sight of himself. In this queer adaptation of a French classic, one body takes on many. Who is the real Renzo, and how many masks must one don and discard in order to act?
Elizabeth I- In Her Own Words
Performed by Tamara Meneghini
Written by Carole Levin
Nearing the end of her reign with nothing left to lose, Queen Elizabeth addresses the audience as she prepares for bed. In the privacy of her chamber, she reveals the woman hidden beneath the regalia, splendor, and politics. She periodically uses Shakespeare to illustrate the most poignant moments of her life.
Step Mama Drama
Written and Performed by Allison Hetzel
This show explores the stressful, fun, odd and exhausting role of the stepmother. Allison shares her personal experiences and the perspectives of others, told through interviews. The journey is humorous as well as troubling, and strikes a balance between the extremes of being a stepmom. If you are a stepparent or a mature stepchild, this show is a must!
Written and Performed by Matt Ketai
Directed by Nikki DiLorento
Triggered by a breakup with his long-term partner and a bizarre encounter with a porn star, M (a Gay-Asian) finds himself slipping into a fever dream of past sexual escapades, moments of regret, and gay shame. This show is an examination of M’s self-destruction fueled by his need to be loved in a society that often makes him feel anything but.
A Woman of the World
Performed by Kathleen Chalfant
Written by Rebecca Gilman
Directed by Valentina Fratti
Best known as Emily Dickinson’s posthumous editor, Mabel Loomis Todd is a woman of the world. Priding herself on being an inspired conversationalist, she invited scandal by enjoying a glass of wine in mixed company, and she certainly wasn’t afraid to expose her ankles in a dress. Now in her 70s and living on Hog Island in Maine, the accomplished journalist and naturalist regales us with tales of her storied life, spilling secrets and revealing the true nature of her relationship with one of America’s most celebrated poets.
Performed by Lily Colón
Growing up in a convent isn’t the usual path to becoming a Radio City Music Hall Rockette. But that’s what happened to Lilly. Through adversity and struggle, Lilly teaches us to have courage through passion.
Performed by Tom Frueh
Directed by Jen Jurek
Music Directed by Chris Piro
In 1926, the world-famous magician and escape artist Harry Houdini left New York on a farewell tour – and his life passed before his eyes. Follow his odyssey through the past, present and future as he struggles to unlock the key that will truly set him free.
A Bunch of Different Ways I’d Like to Die
Written and Performed by Tim McDonough
What happens when an actor tries to make sense of death by approaching it as his final performance? A 76-year-old stage veteran performs various scenarios resulting in his demise, both comic and dead serious, located between theater, storytelling, stand-up, and plain-talk philosophy. He takes control of the inevitable by rehearsing how to die in his imagination – and in his audience’s imagination, too.
Written and Performed by Susan Ward
Directed by Austin Pendleton
Production Design by Duane Rutter
Can you imagine a life filled with myths and magic in this day and age? I can. Chasing Peter Pan. Falling in love with Wendy. Doing drugs with Hook. Crash-landing in suburban mediocrity till I screamed onto a stage in NYC. This is how I tamed the beast.
Written and Performed by Jeannette Rizzi
This one-woman show is about friendship, loss, and a talking dog! It is a product of Jeannette’s commitment to live, as well as her pledge to help others who battle their own raison d’être. She goes where most people are reluctant to go – into the lives of those we’ve lost to suicide, and of those who are left behind.
Written and Performed by Cathleen O’Malley
Directed by Elaine Feagler
Composed by Brian Bacon
A primal scream from the trenches of first-time motherhood. Crackling with humor, heart, and vulnerability, writer/performer Cathleen O’Malley exposes the damp and dirty world of childbirth, milk, and what it means to be a nursing mammal in 2019. “’Milkdrunk’ is to breastfeeding what ‘The Vagina Monologues’ is to women’s sexuality. A curtain-ripping revelation of a world hidden in plain sight” (Kindred).
Life Encounters 2
Written and Performed by Michelle Felice Hartley
This theatrical sequel to Michelle Felice Hartley’s solo show “Life Encounters” depicts the stories of 20 characters. Each character is relatable to the audience. Stories of joy, elation, passion, pain, challenges and conquests are portrayed by Ms. Hartley.
Equally Divine: The Real Story of the Mona Lisa
Written and Performed by Jenny Lyn Bader
Directed by Julie Kramer
Paris, 1911. The art heist of the century triggers a national manhunt. As police interview everyone from J.P. Morgan to Pablo Picasso, the painting herself plots her escape and shares her secrets. She even reminisces about Leonardo da Vinci, his favorite apprentice, and the story of her creation. A time-traveling, gender-bending drama about art, inspiration, and becoming who we are.
A Rose Called Candace
Written and Performed by Candace Nicholas-Lippman
Courageous and captivating, this show follows actress and spoken word artist Candace Nicholas-Lippman’s journey to self-discovery in a rollercoaster storytelling experience that will inspire you to find your own bloom.
The Asylum Project
Written and Performed by Elizabeth Mozer
Based on stunning events that brought a Polish immigrant and her child together with hospital patients, this story takes place at the Binghamton State Hospital in upstate New York over the course of six decades. Created from personal accounts, historical documents and imaginings, this show chronicles their lived experiences. Their personal narratives, once silenced, are now given voice.
The MisEducation of Ms. Freeman
Written and performed by: Alaina Freeman
Directed by Susan Campanaro
Produced by Jacene Thomas
Surviving in New York City is one thing, but teaching the precocious kids who live there? That’s a whole different reality. Ms. Freeman realizes that her students have their own skillset, and it doesn’t involve math. She endures the baptism by fire to help her students learn! You think you know all it takes to be a teacher? Trust me, you have no idea.
Confessions of a Mulatto Love Child
Written and Performed by Bellina Logan
Directed by Maggie Soboil
Imagine Maggie Smith getting together with Shaft – you get Bellina. A hilarious, touching and inappropriate over-share about a codependent bastard child’s life with her acerbic English mother and the deep bond they forged. A thought-provoking piece about time and memory. “Bellina displays an elegant sense of humor that gracefully brings the audience along with her” (Better Lemons).
At Wit’s End: A Home for Retired Comics
Performed by Nancy Redman
Directed by Bill Cosgriff
Do comedians ever retire? Meet the comics at Wit’s End. A comedy for the ages.
That Wonder Boy
Written and Performed by Bob Stromberg
Directed by Risa Brainin
An exploration of life and art through the eyes of a youngster who “overcame” a happy childhood to become a comedic artist. The tale begins with a flying baby and soars on a creative flight of laughter, joy and wonder, where everyday experiences lead to moments of unexpected discovery and insight. Warm, tender, and laugh-out-loud funny.
Time On Fire: A Comedy of Terrors (Redux)
Written and Performed by Evan Handler
Directed by Marcia Jean Kurtz
An updated retelling of Evan Handler’s “laceratingly funny and self-revealing” (NY Times) story of defiance and survival – culminating with events even more miraculous than his own unlikely existence. Now with material from Handler’s follow-up memoir, “It’s Only Temporary: The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive,” and new material written specifically for this show.
An Evening with Tennessee Williams
Written and Performed by Sebastian Galvez
Directed by Paul Sand
This show depicts the playwright’s relationships with his lover Frank Merlo and his sister Rose, which are so vividly reflected in his work. His first successes and eventual decline. Blatant Hollywood gossip about his co-stars Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, and Vivien Leigh, among others. Sometimes the truth is shocking!
The Asylum Project
Written and Performed by Elizabeth Mozer
Directed by Stacey Linnartz
Based on stunning events that brought a Polish immigrant and her child together with hospital patients, this story takes place at the Binghamton State Hospital in upstate New York over the course of six decades. Created from personal accounts, historical documents and imaginings, this show chronicles their lived experiences. Their personal narratives, once silenced, are now given voice.
As Soon as You’re Born (They Make You Feel Small)
Written and Performed by Jeremy Rishe
Directed by Stacey Linnartz
“What we awoke to that morning changed my understanding of everything.” This heart-wrenching and hilarious play takes us through a medical emergency, and the surprisingly magical moments that accompanied it. In this show based on real events, we experience a vivid male perspective on themes of struggle and mortality.
All Over The Map
Written and Performed by Bill Bowers
Directed by Martha Banta
50 states, 30 years on the road, 25 countries, 2 hookers, 1 bunny, and a mime. Bill Bowers takes you to places so unbelievable, they could only be true. He shares indelible memories and characters that will stay with you long after the lights go up.
American Captives: Lena Baker and Sandra Bland
Written and Performed by Connie Winston
Directed by Rhonda “Passion” Hansome
An experimental social justice theater piece combining the stories of Lena Baker and Sandra Bland. Personal accounts show how little has changed in the relationship between the African American community (particularly women) and the U.S. criminal justice system in the 60 years between these women’s deaths at the hands of a police state.
Roosevelt: Charge The Bear
Performed by Phil Johnson
Directed by Rosina Reynolds
Written by Marni Friedman and Phil Johnson
A portrait of a great leader in history during one of the most gripping moments of his presidency. Teddy Roosevelt must choose between his own reelection, and his desire to truly help the American people. Raw, courageous, funny, and caring. See just what kind of heart and honesty it takes to be a great American president.
Collecting Driftwood
Written and Performed by Susan Jacobson
Music by Victor See Yuen
Directed by David Deblinger
A movement memoir that transports you from the microscopic to the cosmic. Memories of boat rides on South Pond and family vacations at a small cabin in Maine. Collecting driftwood and discovering life in the process. Through words, images, music and dance, this show explores unique yet universal moments. It is about learning to live with loss and celebrating what’s left behind.
In Love With Cancer
Written and Performed by Marylou DiPietro
Directed by Stephanie Musnick Karpell
A woman’s worst fear becomes a reality. She has dreaded the specter of breast cancer her whole life. But she is shocked to discover that what she learns—and even gains—from her struggle far outweighs the turmoil and terror of the disease.
400 Years in Manhattan
Written and Performed by Noah Diamond
Directed by Amanda Sisk
Writer, performer, and recovering New York City tour guide Noah Diamond takes you through the history of this enchanted island, and his experiences telling its story. Our adventure through Manhattan’s past is illuminated by a spectacular multimedia presentation, revealing four centuries of laughter and tears, on the tiny island at the center of the world.
I Won’t Be in on Monday
Written and Performed by Anne Stockton
Nikki’s got a new lover and a new credit card. When two expensive rings are stolen from her workplace, she’s not about to let questions from a persistent (and attractive) detective interfere with her very important plans. Austin Pendleton directs Anne Stockton in her funny, revealing story, based on her experiences as a practicing psychiatrist and actor/trainer with the NYPD.
The Rude Awakening: Sex, Shame, and Liberation
Written and Performed by Amber Topaz
An arousing, amusing, anecdotal romp through life, love and libido. It highlights the absurdity of human behavior under the influence of hormones. An uplifting, thought-provoking journey through conception, chemistry and the quest for human connection.
The Tall Boy
Performed by Tandy Cronyn
Written by Simon Bent
Directed by David Hammond
In the aftermath of World War II, three orphaned boys, swept up by U.S. Army units and outfitted as G.I. mascots, land at a displaced persons camp after their units are shipped home. The boys yearn to follow their units to America, but only one boy has a G.I. willing to adopt him, and that soldier happens to be black.
Move on the Cha-Cha’s
Written and Performed by Diane Ripstein
Directed by Ilyse Robbins
From ballet to bop, with a dash of midlife salsa dating, this poignant show depicts a life lived and danced. Love, loss, and laughter intermingle on the journey from age 5 to 55+. Our intrepid host and guide, The Bubbe, leads a parade of unique characters as she reveals the secret to aging gracefully: You gotta keep moving. To life! Best Dramatic Script at United Solo in 2015.
Beat the Devil!
Performed by Glen Williamson
When the devil offers you anything you want, can he satisfy you? Or are you more than what the devil bargained for? An award-winning, world-traveling actor and storyteller (“Should he offer to tell you a story, just say yes” – takes you on an exhilarating romp through the masterwork of Goethe’s “Faust,” in pursuit of love, pleasure, wealth, power, fame and truth.
Inconceivable: The Totally True One-Woman Semi-Fertile Quasi-”Musical”
Written and Performed by Meirav Zur
A hilarious and honest personal take on the complex taboo of modern infertility. It’s all amazingly and amusingly true. A show for anyone who has ever tried to conceive, and for everyone else. 2018 United Solo Award for Best Interactive Show.
Almost 13
Written and Performed by Joan Kane
Directed and Designed by Bruce A! Kraemer
These are the memories of a young girl’s hot, sweaty summer in Brooklyn. Can she survive being caught between a disintegrating family at home and racial violence on the streets? All she wants to do is jump in the waves at Coney Island and see the fireworks. This play was written at the La MaMa playwriting symposium in Umbria, Italy.
First by Faith: The Life of Mary McLeod Bethune
Written and Performed by Richarda Abrams
Directed by Dina Vovsi
In a show workshopped at NYC’s Actors Studio, performer/playwright Richarda Abrams uses storytelling and song, transcending time and gender, to explore Mary McLeod Bethune’s personal journey from an uneducated child to a world-renowned educator and humanitarian, as she returns to earth to share one last lesson.
Spectacular Falls
Performed by Anita Hollander
Directed by Stephanie Musnick Karpell.
A humorous, edgy, moving, and somewhat slippery exploration of how we all fall, how the world can fall apart, and how we rise up again, even if, ultimately, we’re all “just a banana peel away.” Written and performed by a one-legged United Solo Audience Award-winning artist who knows a lot about the subject.
3 Men
Written and Performed by Mike Folie
Directed by Stephanie Musnick Karpell.
Playwright and speechwriter Mike Folie lives in two very different worlds: theater, and the high-powered world of corporate CEOs. Is he a playwright pretending to be a business writer, or a business writer pretending to be a playwright? His life-changing encounters with three charismatic men show him there are many pathways to a truly successful life.
Blood Type: Ragu
Written and Performed by Frank Ingrasciotta
This funny and moving play explores a first-generation immigrant child’s delicate dance between culture, identity and forgiveness. Writer/performer Frank Ingrasciotta gives a masterful portrayal of more than twenty characters who live, love and laugh, in this fast-paced journey that is not just a comedy, not just a drama. It’s family – and we all have one!
Inheritance: A Litany
Written and Performed by Janis Brenner
A journey into the myriad ways a daughter “became” her late parents. She inherited her father’s nose, her mother’s singing voice, father’s sarcasm, mother’s fragile bones… as well as a lifetime of objects and even thoughts, revealing a family’s story. A poetic narrative, a dance-opera-play, and a comic drama by internationally acclaimed artist Janis Brenner. 2018 United Solo Awards for Best Production, Best Composer, and Best Lighting Design.
We’re Only Alive For A Short Period of Time
Written and Performed by David Cale
Directed by Robert Falls
“We’re Only Alive For A Short Amount of Time” reflects on Cale’s memories of growing up, escaping his parents’ fraught marriage by singing in his bedroom, and tending to birds in his backyard animal hospital. Until one day things change.
Twisted Melodies
Written and Performed by Kelvin Roston, Jr.
Directed by Derrick Sanders
This powerful one-man show is based on the life of ’70s soul singer and composer Donny Hathaway, perhaps best known for his duets with Roberta Flack. Twisted Melodies is an immersive and crushing play about the brilliant musician’s compelling inner struggle.
The Pink Unicorn
Written by Elise Forier Edie
Performed by Alice Ripley
“Trisha Lee is a Christian widow living in a conservative Texas town. Her life is suddenly upended when her 14-year-old daughter Jolene announces she is “gender queer” and starting a chapter of the Gay and Straight Alliance at the local high school. In ‘The Pink Unicorn,’ Trisha recounts her story about facing a crisis she never saw coming, at a time when transgender people and gender issues weren’t even on her radar.”
Baba Brinkman’s Rap Guide to Climate Chaos
Written and performed by Baba Brinkman
Baba Brinkman breaks down the politics, economics, and science of global warming, following its surprising twists from the carbon cycle to the energy economy, in a pull-no-punches performance that confronts both the scale of the challenge and also the failings of human psychology that make it such an easy problem to ignore.
Made In Puerto Rico
Written and performed by Elizardi Castro
“Made in Puerto Rico” is a show about family, music and cultural identity. It’s a celebration of diversity and a bold commentary of Spanglish culture. Through his captivating storytelling, former attorney now comedian, Elizardi Castro takes us on a journey through Puerto Rico, its beautiful people and its traditions.
Accidentally Brave
Written and performed by Maddie Corman
Courageous, daring, and unflinchingly honest, “Accidentally Brave” is Maddie Corman’s inspiring true story about discovering a new normal when her world falls apart. This new play challenges perceptions, captivates audiences and sparks an emotionally charged discussion that will leave you wondering. . . what would I do?
Say Something Bunny
Written, Performed, Co-Produced, Researched, and Co-Authored by Alison S.M. Kobayashi
Two spools of thin steel wire were found tucked inside an obsolete sound device purchased by a collector at an estate sale. There were no labels; no dates, no names, and no context. Through her obsessive research and active imagination along with hundreds of times listening through, Kobayashi decodes the rich dialogue in the recording and discovers the detailed history of an unforgettable Jewish family from New York that bursts with humor, surprise and drama.
The Art of the Audition: From Falling Apart to Nailing the Part
Performed and conceived by Lena Hall
Experience the ups and downs of a Broadway life through reenactments of Lena Hall’s most unforgettable—and regrettable—musical theater auditions, from epic fails to career-defining “Nailed it!” moments.
Inheritance: A Litany
written and performed by Janis Brenner
A journey into the myriad ways a daughter has “become” her late parents. She inherited “her father’s nose, her mother’s singing voice, her father’s sarcasm, her mother’s fragile bones”…but also a lifetime of their objects and even their thoughts, revealing a family’s story.

performed by John Fisher

John Fisher brings you World War II from the D‑Day invasion to the Fall of Berlin. He also provides useful information about the best books on the subject, the cutest generals, and the hottest actors who played them in the movies.

performed by Anne Torsiglieri

Broadway veteran Anne Torsiglieri combines her family’s personal story with verbatim interviews and a medley of striking new songs exploring autism’s many joys, struggles, and complexities. Redefining happiness at every unexpected turn.

written and performed by Jose Sonera

It’s October 1976 at the IMPROV comedy club. Freddie Prinze, Sr. is giving his last performance months before his death. Moving between the stage and the dressing room, Sonera interlaces Prinze’s best comedy sets with original monologues that illuminate his life.

written and performed by Jake Austin Robertson

A reading of a Russian short story gradually transforms into a living exploration of a mind rebelling against reality. Exciting and terrifying, this queer actor’s journey into insanity blurs the line between performer and madman.

written and performed by Mikel Murfi

The “astonishing” Mikel Murfi (New York Times) brings to life the characters of a bustling Irish town through the story of its two most disparate residents: the bashful, solitary cobbler Pat Farnon, and the indomitable football manager and woman‑about‑town, Kitsy Rainey.

written and performed by Bellina Logan

A hilarious, touching and inappropriate overshare of a codependent bastard child’s life with her acerbic English mother and the deep bond they forged. A thought‑provoking piece about time and memory.

written and performed by Juha Sorola

Over a safe childhood, where war only happens on TV, hangs the memory of WWII and a burden of duty that a little boy is expected to fulfill. But the heroes he finds along his journey are far from conventional.

written and performed by Yu Ling Wu

Directed by Zishan Ugurlu, the piece explores how a young first-and-a-half-generation immigrant sees her family dynamics parallel those of America’s current sociopolitical climate.

written and performed by Hope Salas

Directed by Erika Latta, “Hope” is a dark exploration of a woman’s mind as she grieves her mother and all they had experienced, and accepts their shared humanity. It is a breathtaking piece of art.

written and performed by Kelsie Huff

Chicago-based comedian and storyteller Kelsie Huff’s hilarious and poignant journey to sobriety reveals an America in which vice is a part of life, and the biggest challenge is learning to accept who you are.

written and performed by Kassi Dougherty

Co-producer Brian Barnhart, director Marcus Bishop‑Wright, and musical director Jody Shelton join their forces to create a psychedelic one‑woman rock opera set in the 1970s.

written and performed by Amy Mihyang Ginther

Eager to leave everything behind? Director Lisa Marie Rollins creates a piece, which captures Amy, a Korean American transracial adoptee, and her travels, as she tries to define what home means for her.

performed by MESHELLE

You ever wonder what a comedian who’s a married mother of 3 has to go through to make it to a comedy club on any given night? Staunchly maintaining her MILF status with 3 kids in tow; you’ll FOLLOW the hilarity anywhere MESHELLE leads!

written and performed by Catherine Waller

A dark and compelling look into humanity on the fringes of the norm. Raw, interactive and funny, these characters love to talk, and the audience is encouraged to talk back.

performed by Marco Michel

Once regarded as the village idiot, the Swiss‑Italian painter Antonio Ligabue later became famous as the “Italian van Gogh.” Mr. Michel, directed by Mario Perrotta, embodies Ligabue with stunning intensity and draws large charcoal portraits, which become his co‑players on stage.

performed by Dennis Elkins

In “box.” (directed by Karla Knudsen) Mr. Elkins asserts that possessions help define who a person is, and can just as significantly remind others who a person was. Sometimes it takes something as extraordinary as “box.” to remind us of that fact.

written and performed by Anthoula Katsimatides

A tenacious seeker looks far and wide for her calling in order to overcome the major core of her adult life: loss. But her overbearing Greek parents, her determination for greatness, and an unrequited love all get in the way. Bring Kleenex.

written and performed by Roni Graham

Her transitions between the light and the dark were so seamless, oftentimes the audience only noticed the severity of a particular story at the apex of its tragedy. Ms. Graham is a star on the rise, and “Laughter is Therapy” is sterling evidence to support that claim.

written and performed by Sarah J. Kennedy

Directed by Alicia Dattner, Ms. Kennedy debunks the idea that females shouldn’t be curious about their own bodies. In fact, similarly to the stories collected by Eve Ensler in “The Vagina Monologues,” Ms. Kennedy looks deep into her life experience to discuss how silence around the subject affected her psychologically and physically.

written and performed by Meirav Zur

This is the story of her struggles with reproduction and fertility. Meirav Zur, looks and sort of sounds like Gillian Jacobs from Netflix’s “Love.” And you instantly like her. This is the story of her struggles with reproduction and fertility. And you instantly like her.

written and performed by Ananda Bena-Weber

Ms. Bena‑Weber has the natural ability to portray a variety of colorful characters or none at all, emptying her face and body of expression, and becoming a mirror of those around her. There is no disputing that she gives a star performance in “Fancifool.”

written and performed by Elizabeth Seldin

A solo show about grief, courage, magic and the resilience of the human spirit. Ms. Seldin has a gift, not only of magic, but also of words. Her prose, poetry, music and aura are bewitching.

written and performed by Eliza Martin

This feminist piece taps into women’s defiance, and their reluctance to express it out of fear that the consequences wouldn’t be worth it and their rebellion wouldn’t make a difference.

performed by Miha Rodman

A touching and inspiring story about the darkest period of European history between 1935 and 1945, particularly because it is narrated by a dog who understand the people’s language, but not their world. Cyrus, the dog, is an unforgettable character.

performed by Austin Archer

“Good Standing” is a powerful narrative about hope and community. While the protagonist loses his relationships with some of his peers, he comes to recognize the love of those who will accept him no matter what.

performed by Andre de Vanny

It’s 1965 in Ireland, and Occi is the illegitimate child of a single mother. When his beloved mammy spirals into alcoholism, Occi must venture beyond his village and fight his way to adulthood in a dog‑eat‑dog world.

written and performed by Amy Conway

Ms. Conway plays mini‑games with the audience. Only together can you slay the Darkness! A powerful, moving and humorous performance that explores, through the prism of gaming, what depression is like, and what it is like to fight it.

written and performed by Mike Folie

Mr. Folie explains the ways he’s come to characterize his dreams about his dead wife, and his misguided attempts to honor her memory, through an acorn. “My Dead Wife” is a beautiful memorial filled with optimism and love.

written, directed, and performed by Vincent Clark

Vincent Clark is the unhealthiest man alive, but he doesn’t want your pity. He doesn’t do drugs or drink alcohol, because he “is already high on life.” He may not want your pity, but he will get your laughter with corny one‑liners that are as surprising as they are creative.

co-written and performed by Paola Hadjilambri

“Melina” brings to life the dynamic, larger-than-life persona of Melina Mercouri, whose international acting achievements on stage and screen, and her zestful commitment to Greek art and politics, defined her as Greece’s most celebrated national heroine.

written and performed by Kyra Knox

Through her journey from a young adult to an old lady, a woman realizes life would’ve been so much easier if she had just listened to her grandfather.

written and performed by Amber Topaz

An arousing, amusing, anecdotal romp through life, love, and libido. “The Rude Awakening” is a joyous, shameless and wholehearted embrace of sexuality, with all the variety and weirdness that comes with it.

written and performed by Jerry Franklin

It’s funny and serious. It teaches a real, practical lesson: how to work through grief. Grief is an emotional Olympics. It’s a blessing to have workouts like “Wake-Up Call.”

directed and performed by Marek Probosz

“The Auschwitz Volunteer” tells the story of Captain Witold Pilecki, a Polish intelligence agent who infiltrated the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1940. Michael Schudrich, the Chief Rabbi of Poland, said that Pilecki was “an example of inexplicable goodness at a time of inexplicable evil.

written and performed by Niv Petel

Sacrifice is a crucial part of any soldier’s story, fictional or otherwise, but the families of those soldiers are often sacrificing just as much. Illuminating this “other side” of sacrifice is Mr. Petel’s focus in “Knock Knock,” and it’s one that he hammers home with shocking pathos and remarkable beauty.

written and performed by Mihal Grass Sherman

A meeting with a director who uses sexual remarks provokes a suppressed memory. This show deals with the awkwardness of the different perceptions, combining movement and humor. Based on a true story.

performed by Seiphemo Motswiri

Be a Better Dog” presents social commentary not only reflecting how human beings treat their animals, but also how human beings treat each other. It teaches us to be a better friend, a better partner, and a better citizen.

written and performed by Beverley Elliott

This 75‑minute extravaganza more than evokes a kind of life that many of us will never experience, one that many assume is tame. Ms. Elliott’s story truly disproves that notion. Hers is a story that has to be seen to be believed.

performed by David Sauvage

Through a series of personal stories and audience readings, Mr. Sauvage demonstrates his psychic powers in a one‑of‑a‑kind piece that’s part confession, part circus act. “Empath” is a must‑see.
Bette Davis Ain’t for Sissies
written and performed by Jessica Sherr
“Bette Davis Ain’t for Sissies,” written by and starring Jessica Sherr, is a 90‑minute one‑woman show about the 1930’s icon, Bette Davis, on the night of the 1939 Academy Awards.
written and performed by Bob Brader
“Smoker” (directed and developed by Suzanne Bachner) has the rare quality of feeling at once comfortable and natural, but also carefully planned and well‑thought‑out, without ever losing balance.
conceived by Migguel Anggelo
Donning three‑inch heels, Mr. Anggelo stomps to the syncopations of flamenco, proving he is just as skilled a dancer as he is a singer. He asks: What is masculinity? What is femininity? What is love, for that matter?

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