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written and performed by Janis Brenner

A journey into the myriad ways a daughter has “become” her late parents. She inherited “her father’s nose, her mother’s singing voice, her father’s sarcasm, her mother’s fragile bones”…but also a lifetime of their objects and even their thoughts, revealing a family’s story.

performed by John Fisher

John Fisher brings you World War II from the D‑Day invasion to the Fall of Berlin. He also provides useful information about the best books on the subject, the cutest generals, and the hottest actors who played them in the movies.

performed by Anne Torsiglieri

Broadway veteran Anne Torsiglieri combines her family’s personal story with verbatim interviews and a medley of striking new songs exploring autism’s many joys, struggles, and complexities. Redefining happiness at every unexpected turn.

written and performed by Jose Sonera

It’s October 1976 at the IMPROV comedy club. Freddie Prinze, Sr. is giving his last performance months before his death. Moving between the stage and the dressing room, Sonera interlaces Prinze’s best comedy sets with original monologues that illuminate his life.

written and performed by Jake Austin Robertson

A reading of a Russian short story gradually transforms into a living exploration of a mind rebelling against reality. Exciting and terrifying, this queer actor’s journey into insanity blurs the line between performer and madman.

written and performed by Mikel Murfi

The “astonishing” Mikel Murfi (New York Times) brings to life the characters of a bustling Irish town through the story of its two most disparate residents: the bashful, solitary cobbler Pat Farnon, and the indomitable football manager and woman‑about‑town, Kitsy Rainey.

written and performed by Bellina Logan

A hilarious, touching and inappropriate overshare of a codependent bastard child’s life with her acerbic English mother and the deep bond they forged. A thought‑provoking piece about time and memory.

written and performed by Juha Sorola

Over a safe childhood, where war only happens on TV, hangs the memory of WWII and a burden of duty that a little boy is expected to fulfill. But the heroes he finds along his journey are far from conventional.

written and performed by Yu Ling Wu

Directed by Zishan Ugurlu, the piece explores how a young first-and-a-half-generation immigrant sees her family dynamics parallel those of America’s current sociopolitical climate.

written and performed by Hope Salas

Directed by Erika Latta, “Hope” is a dark exploration of a woman’s mind as she grieves her mother and all they had experienced, and accepts their shared humanity. It is a breathtaking piece of art.

written and performed by Kelsie Huff

Chicago-based comedian and storyteller Kelsie Huff’s hilarious and poignant journey to sobriety reveals an America in which vice is a part of life, and the biggest challenge is learning to accept who you are.

written and performed by Kassi Dougherty

Co-producer Brian Barnhart, director Marcus Bishop‑Wright, and musical director Jody Shelton join their forces to create a psychedelic one‑woman rock opera set in the 1970s.

written and performed by Amy Mihyang Ginther

Eager to leave everything behind? Director Lisa Marie Rollins creates a piece, which captures Amy, a Korean American transracial adoptee, and her travels, as she tries to define what home means for her.

performed by MESHELLE

You ever wonder what a comedian who’s a married mother of 3 has to go through to make it to a comedy club on any given night? Staunchly maintaining her MILF status with 3 kids in tow; you’ll FOLLOW the hilarity anywhere MESHELLE leads!

written and performed by Catherine Waller

A dark and compelling look into humanity on the fringes of the norm. Raw, interactive and funny, these characters love to talk, and the audience is encouraged to talk back.

performed by Marco Michel

Once regarded as the village idiot, the Swiss‑Italian painter Antonio Ligabue later became famous as the “Italian van Gogh.” Mr. Michel, directed by Mario Perrotta, embodies Ligabue with stunning intensity and draws large charcoal portraits, which become his co‑players on stage.

performed by Dennis Elkins

In “box.” (directed by Karla Knudsen) Mr. Elkins asserts that possessions help define who a person is, and can just as significantly remind others who a person was. Sometimes it takes something as extraordinary as “box.” to remind us of that fact.

written and performed by Anthoula Katsimatides

A tenacious seeker looks far and wide for her calling in order to overcome the major core of her adult life: loss. But her overbearing Greek parents, her determination for greatness, and an unrequited love all get in the way. Bring Kleenex.

written and performed by Roni Graham

Her transitions between the light and the dark were so seamless, oftentimes the audience only noticed the severity of a particular story at the apex of its tragedy. Ms. Graham is a star on the rise, and “Laughter is Therapy” is sterling evidence to support that claim.

written and performed by Sarah J. Kennedy

Directed by Alicia Dattner, Ms. Kennedy debunks the idea that females shouldn’t be curious about their own bodies. In fact, similarly to the stories collected by Eve Ensler in “The Vagina Monologues,” Ms. Kennedy looks deep into her life experience to discuss how silence around the subject affected her psychologically and physically.

written and performed by Meirav Zur

This is the story of her struggles with reproduction and fertility. Meirav Zur, looks and sort of sounds like Gillian Jacobs from Netflix’s “Love.” And you instantly like her. This is the story of her struggles with reproduction and fertility. And you instantly like her.

written and performed by Ananda Bena-Weber

Ms. Bena‑Weber has the natural ability to portray a variety of colorful characters or none at all, emptying her face and body of expression, and becoming a mirror of those around her. There is no disputing that she gives a star performance in “Fancifool.”

written and performed by Elizabeth Seldin

A solo show about grief, courage, magic and the resilience of the human spirit. Ms. Seldin has a gift, not only of magic, but also of words. Her prose, poetry, music and aura are bewitching.

written and performed by Eliza Martin

This feminist piece taps into women’s defiance, and their reluctance to express it out of fear that the consequences wouldn’t be worth it and their rebellion wouldn’t make a difference.

performed by Miha Rodman

A touching and inspiring story about the darkest period of European history between 1935 and 1945, particularly because it is narrated by a dog who understand the people’s language, but not their world. Cyrus, the dog, is an unforgettable character.

performed by Austin Archer

“Good Standing” is a powerful narrative about hope and community. While the protagonist loses his relationships with some of his peers, he comes to recognize the love of those who will accept him no matter what.

performed by Andre de Vanny

It’s 1965 in Ireland, and Occi is the illegitimate child of a single mother. When his beloved mammy spirals into alcoholism, Occi must venture beyond his village and fight his way to adulthood in a dog‑eat‑dog world.

written and performed by Amy Conway

Ms. Conway plays mini‑games with the audience. Only together can you slay the Darkness! A powerful, moving and humorous performance that explores, through the prism of gaming, what depression is like, and what it is like to fight it.


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